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Our Mission

As the premier manufacturer of full port corrugated stainless steel flexible water and gas connectors, our mission is to create added value while presenting superior products to every level of the Plumbing and Water Treatment supply chain. We strive to responsibly and ethically bring quality products to the marketplace through innovation, technology and human resources. Our number one asset is our ability to create well suited, unrivaled and proprietary connectors for use throughout the world. We expect excellence from every facet of our business and seek to partner with our distributors that hold themselves and the products they offer to the highest possible standards.

About Us

Falcon Stainless, Inc. has been an operating business in the State of California since 1981. Under the current family ownership and guidance of Gray Pender since 1990, incorporated in 1999, Falcon was responsible for introducing Corrugated Stainless Steel water and gas connectors to the US Market. Having made substantial improvements to the product and increasing the number of models since becoming President and then CEO, the company has experienced unprecedented growth over the past 20+ years. The reasons for this are: deep industry relationships, constant design improvements, state of the art manufacturing in our own facility and dedication. We have set Falcon on the high road to generating exceptional products and providing exceptional service for all of our customers.

Using only the highest quality raw materials, educated engineering staff, strict quality control have helped Falcon create more flexibility, increased flow and tensile strength in all Falcon products. All of this product advancement happens while expanding our client base in multiple market arenas. These market arenas include highly respected OEM’s, Plumbing Wholesalers and Water Treatment Distributors, Water Treatment Dealers, as well as Contractors/Installers throughout all of North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Ever aware of our customer’s needs, Falcon has become the “go-to” recognized leader in manufacturing proprietary connectors for the top water treatment and water heating companies in North America. By fulfilling our customer’s specific technical requirements, Falcon steps up to fill the niche created by a highly sophisticated and demanding marketplace.

We are fortunate to occupy this distinguished position! We thank the industry for your support and loyalty. Our sole purpose is to provide the finest corrugated stainless steel water and gas connectors along with respectful exemplary customer focus and care.

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