Spec Sheets
  • We use Falcon Stainless flex tubes on all of our installations. They save us a great deal of time and make a neater and better performing installation. We are very pleased with the product and its performance.

    Alan B President
    Alan B President Aqua Sphere, Inc.
  • To Whom It May Concern: At Culligan Water we try to provide excellent customer service to all our clients. It is less time consuming for us as well as our clients to install the reusable, and extremely flexible Falcon Connectors. We have been using the quality Falcon Connectors for years and would recommend them to all our customers.

    Eric Culligan Dealer Wisconsin
  • I have been installing Falcon Connectors for over 8 years now. I am blown away by the competitive prices and the friendly customer service from the staff. Falcon connectors are reusable and flexible, saving me time and money

    Grant A
    Grant A S&S Plumbing
  • Ever since I've used Falcon SS connectors, I've never looked back. I've used them for water heaters, faucet supplies, softeners, and misc. water system piping and appliance connections with no problems and with great satisfaction by my clients. Further, I sleep better at night knowing those connectors are in place, as opposed to others, that are prone to rupture, leakage and corrosion factors. Thanks for being there. Best of Regards,

    GD Cull
    GD Cull
  • Dear Sirs, I feel compelled to write to you and tell you of my earthquake experience. My house rocked and rolled! All of the glass in my house was broken. Appliances moved at least three feet. The enclosure surrounding my hot water hater was demolished! The hot water heater platform moved, but my hot water heater was still connected by your incredible stainless flexible connectors! It was amazing! My plumber told me they were much better than copper when he installed them and now I am convinced. I am a Realtor in the San Fernando Valley and as far as I know, my hot water heater was the only one running after the January '94 Northridge, CA earthquake.

    Mercedes S
    Mercedes S Falcon Customer
  • We at Sawtooth Water, Inc. are letting your people know how much we appreciate your product. It makes our water conditioning installation much much easier. Thank you

    Wade Falcon Customer
  • To Whom It May Concern: I would like to take this time to let you know that your product is astounding. I was introduced to your product through a customer and now that's all I prefer to use. Not only does it look good, the prices are affordable. I have customers who call me and ask about your connectors, so they would refer it to their friends. I recommend your connectors to just about everyone.

    Albert L
    Albert L Albert Plumbing
  • "Love them can't keep them in stock, they sell themselves"

    Flynt Keller Supply Boise
  • Dear Sirs, I spent over thousands of dollars on a tankless Takagi water heater because I wanted limitless hot water flow. After discussing that with my plumber, he explained to me that Falcon connectors would give me the maximum water flow that I wanted, more than copper and braided because of their large openings. After installation, I would like to say THANK YOU for the wonderful product that Falcon Stainless makes. Best regards,

    Scott K
    Scott K Falcon Customer
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